Pimple-Problem Solutions at Any Age

Pimple-Problem Solutions at Any Age

Just when you thought pimples will only come out during adolescence, this common skin problem actually persists even as you go past your teens. As you reach 30s or older, you will still experience breakouts once in a while and how you treat this will be based on your skin’s condition at that point in your life.

When you get to your 20s, the appearance of pimples will be minimized but changes in your hormone levels, especially during monthly periods, can still stimulate the production of excess oil in your skin. At this time, you might already be using birth control pills to stabilize your natural hormone levels and this can have positive effects in controlling your pimples. However, this should still be discussed with your gynaecologist first so you can get a proper prescription for pills.

When breakouts occur at this age, the best solution would be to use an antibacterial cleanser that has a different formulation from the one that you are currently using. This is due to the fact that your skin’s chemistry might have changed as an effect of your hormonal shift. Experts recommend alcohol-free salicylic cleansers as this effectively remove the bacteria and oil that might be clogging your pores. Women in their 20s are also advised to avoid using too many anti-ageing products as these contain active ingredients which can make a 20-year-old’s skin sensitive and might even trigger breakouts.

As you reach your 30s, the main culprit of breakouts can be attributed to elevated stress levels. Stress is known to stimulate the overproduction of the cortisol hormones which can lead to the secretion of more oils in the skin. The use of anti-ageing products as part of skin care routine is already highly encouraged at this point. However, since pimples are caused by too much oil in the skin, it would be great if you can find lightweight and oil-free moisturisers and serums to reduce the possibility of breaking out.

In your 40s, you will notice that your skin is experiencing lesser breakouts compared to when you were younger. However, since this is the age when menopause occurs and your estrogen levels, which controls the sebaceous glands, declines, you might have hormonal fluctuations once in a while. To help alleviate acne problems, opt for spot treatments as these only treat the affected areas rather than your entire face. Retinol, which is one of the main ingredients of anti-ageing products, can also help in preventing breakouts. Retinol treatments can help you achieve smoother face and eliminate brown spots in your face, which is one of the signs of skin ageing. However, if you are experiencing inflamed acne, Retinol might not be the best option and you can turn to salicylic-based facial serum.

If you are only experiencing occasional breakouts, it’s not recommended that you focus on acne-eliminating skin care routine all throughout. However, for persistent and inflamed breakouts that does not seem to lessen, it is best to consult a dermatologist to make sure that you get the right prescription as a remedy to your skin dilemma.