Habits that Could Ruin Your Skincare Products

Habits that Could Ruin Your Skincare Products

You’ve been conscientious in following a well-outlined skin care routine composed of cleansing, toning, moisturising, applying serum and creams, and other products that you have read online or in magazines. So you can’t help but wonder why you are still experiencing breakouts. You start to think that maybe the cleanser that you bought last week is not as effective as it claims to be or that the new make up you are wearing is not suited for your skin. While this could also be true, there is also the possibility that it is you who are sabotaging your own skin.

Of course, it does not mean that you are doing it deliberately. However, some missteps, no matter how minor, might be the culprit to your skin problems. For example, unhygienic habits such as leaving your Konjac sponge in a wet and humid bathroom will not only ruin the material of the sponge, it also promotes bacterial growth which will harm your skin.  

One of the most common unhygienic habits that a lot of people don’t notice they are doing is forgetting to close the cover of their skin care products. Especially if you are the type who puts their moisturiser, cleanser, and other beautifying items in their bathroom, you have to make sure that the lid is properly closed as this part of the house is damp and humid, making it an ideal place for bacteria to grow. If you have an option, it would be better to put these products outside of the bath and keep them in a cool and dry place. Aside from preventing bacterial growth, products that are left open also oxidise quickly when it comes into contact with air for quite a time and as a result, the performance becomes less effective.

The location of where you place your products can also affect its efficiency and longevity. Almost every skin care and beauty item there are have indications that these should be stored away from direct sunlight. Thus, putting your moisturiser, serum, and all the other goodies near the window is probably the worst decision. Skin care products contain active ingredients and when exposed to sunlight, the heat and light will cause the separation and breakdown of the chemicals leading to its decreased efficiency. For the exact same reason, you should also opt for skin care products stored in opaque bottles rather than the clear ones.

Lastly, being hygienic and sanitary with how you use your beauty items can benefit your skin. If possible, opt for products that prevent you from dipping into the jar and go for those packaged in pumps. Putting your fingers into the formula introduces germs into it and if you have the habit of double-dipping, then the bacteria exposure gets so much worse.

You have put the effort in researching which new skin care items are being lauded in the market right now. Adding a little bit of obsessive-compulsiveness in making sure that you are careful in how you handle and where you place your beauty essentials can extend their shelf life and impeccable performance.